make a glowing flower with fabrickit starter kit

To make this flower you need to connect the x-LED brick with a short piece of ribbon to a snap;
connect the battery to the other snap. When you mate the two snaps your LED should turn on.
Make the flower shape by cutting pieces of fabric to petal shapes. "Poke" the LED through a small hole on the petals. Glue or sew the petals together; sew a safety pin on the back for a glowing brooch.

what you will need

* a fabrickit battery
* snap bricks
* x-LED brick
* a short piece of fabric ribbon
* a soldering iron and solder,
* scissors,
* fabric glue or sewing machine,
* a voltmeter (to check for shorts)

STEP 1: Laying out the parts

lay out your "circuit" to make sure that all bricks connect in the right way

cut the ribbon to size; remember to leave extra length for the soldering part

STEP 2: Prepare the coin cell brick & add male snap brick

connect the battery to one of the snaps by soldering a piece of the ribbon to the battery board (check for shorts)

on the other end of the ribbon solder the snap brick (check for shorts); make sure the polarity (blue dots) matches on each end of the ribbon

Step 3: Prepare x-LED brick and add female snap brick
if you will be using a fabrickit x-LED brick with LED already installed skip to Step 4

insert the 2 LED leads through the LED holes on the brick

solder both leads of the LED then cut them short with a pair of wire-cutters

next solder the ribbon to the x-LED brick and the female snap at the other end; make sure that the polarity marks match on both sides AND, always check for shorts

STEP 4: Test!

this is how your bricks should look like assembled

snap together the two parts to make sure that everything works

STEP 5: Make the flower

to make the flower, cut your fabric into flower petals, use different fabrics for a layered effect

cut a slit on the petals so you can

push through your LED

keep adding layers to your flower and then either glue or sew the petals together

add a last piece with a smaller hole so you only have your LED peak through.

STEP 6: Wear it!

wear your flower and light up the room!

see other tutorials:
- how to how to solder the ribbon
- checking on the polarity of your bricks
-making a soft switch