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The Coin Cell Brick is a compact (1.07" x 1.2" x 0.4"), rechargeable power source for small wearable devices. The Coin Cell Brick supplies a steady 5 volts, outputting up to 50 mA of current. Battery life depends on your circuit but the Coin Cell Brick will power one x-LED Brick for ten hours, two x-LED bricks for five hours, and so on. A maximum of five x-LED Bricks can be powered continuously from one Coin Cell Brick (more if flashing LEDs are used).

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Two outputs are provided - connect the Coin Cell Brick to your circuit using fabrickit conductive ribbon, conductive thread, or wire.

The Coin Cell Brick is always on; there is no power switch on the brick. To extend battery life, we suggest using a pair of Snap Bricks or other removable connector to connect the Coin Cell Brick to the rest of your circuit when it is in use, disconnecting from the circuit when not needed in order to conserve power.


To recharge the Coin Cell Brick, connect a micro-B USB cable from a computer to the Coin Cell Brick's USB jack. The LEDs on the board will light to show charge status:

orange only battery is charged
orange and green battery is charging normally


The Coin Cell Brick incorporates safety features such as fuse and polarity protection on the charging circuit and output current limiting. However, as with all lithium-ion batteries, there is a small risk of fire, explosion, and other dangers. See important safety information before using the Coin Cell Brick.

Design files

Coin Cell Brick schematic
Coin Cell Brick Eagle files (Can be opened with the freeware version of Eagle)

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coin cell brick, top sidecoin cell brick, top side a 5 v powerhouse rechargeablerechargeable by USB (new bricks use micro-B) coin cell brick, back sidecoin cell brick, back side flat back, 2 connecting sides